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Roccat’s new gaming mice use ‘Titan Click’ to make you quicker on the draw

Roccat Kain 120 Aimo
Image credit: Roccat
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Roccat has revealed a new range of what it’s billing as ‘next-gen’ gaming mice that’ll go on sale later this year, consisting of three models, two of which are corded peripherals, and the other is wireless.

Roccat’s new range will kick-off with the Kain 100 Aimo, which has an 8,500 dpi sensor, with the Kain 120 Aimo upping the ante to a 16,000 dpi optical sensor. As the wireless offering, the Kain 200 Aimo will round out the series (the sensor used in this model is still to be confirmed).

The big selling point here is the Kain’s mouse button switches, which benefit from something called ‘Titan Click’ by Roccat.

Essentially, this means that Omron switches are used, with the mouse buttons being hinged and using a low-tolerance spring – all of which adds up to make a precise and satisfying feeling click, Roccat claims.

Roccat's wireless Kain 200 Aimo (Image credit: Roccat)

Roccat's wireless Kain 200 Aimo (Image credit: Roccat)

Kain makes you more able?

Perhaps more importantly, the firm also boasts that a specially crafted algorithm in the firmware of the mice means that a click with a Kain mouse registers 16ms faster than rival peripherals.

Roccat is also making a big deal of the feedback solicited from testers which was apparently employed to design the ergonomic shape (which is used across all three models).

Furthermore, the peripheral maker has given the mice a new coating to ensure not just durability, but also a suitably ‘grippy’ feel, which is always good. Both the Kain 100 and 120 are also designed to be nice and light, weighing 89g.

Sold yet? If you fancy one of these gaming mice, the Kain 100 and 120 are now live for pre-order in Roccat’s online shop (opens in new tab) (at least in the UK, and a few other European countries). Those mice will go on sale in September, with the wireless Kain 200 to follow in November.

Pricing won’t break the bank, either, with the asking price to be set at £44.99 (around $57, AU$82) for the Kain 100, £62.99 (around $80, AU$115) for the Kain 120, and £89.99 (around $115, AU$165) for the wireless Kain 200.

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