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Zuckerberg to open MWC 2014 as Facebook's mobile focus bigger than ever

Zuckerberg to open MWC as Facebook's mobile focus is bigger than ever
MWC - a fairly bigger deal than CES these days

In a matter of weeks we'll be descending on Barcelona for MWC 2014 and, as it turns out, so will Mark Zuckerberg.

The Facebook founder has just been announced as the headline keynote speaker for the first day of the event next month.

Zuck will be kicking off the week with a "fireside chat" with David Kirkpatrick, in which he'll "explore the importance of extending the benefits ubiquituous Internet access to the unconnected world."
Whether an actual fire will be present is yet to be confirmed.

Facebook chat

Last year, Facebook announced plans to bring affordable internet to the two-thirds of the world who don't have it, so it sounds like a fair amount of the conversation will be centred around that.

Other members of the initiative include big mobile players Ericsson, Samsung, Nokia, Opera, Qualcomm and MediaTek.

But more generally, Zuckerberg's headline presence at the show just goes to show how big mobile is for Facebook right now. Maybe there'll even be some better news for Facebook Home.

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