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ZTE N910: what you need to know

ZTE brings on the acronyms, with LTE on CDMA

Chinese telecommunications company ZTE has recently announced two new Ice Cream Sandwich headsets, at least one of which looks to hit CDMA markets in the US.

While ZTE hasn't released many large players in the US, its ZTE Warp is one of Boost Mobile's key players and the ZTE N910 looks to be its spiritual successor.

Whether the uninspiringly-named ZTE N910 will be keeping it's moniker - or even heading to Boost Mobile (a private subsidiary of Sprint) is yet to be determined.

ZTE n910

ZTE N910 release date

Surprisingly little is known about the phone currently. No release date, price, or carrier partner has been revealed yet, but we'll update the second we find out.

ZTE N910 specs

The ZTE N910, while technically less impressive than the subsequently released ZTE PF200 - is no slouch. It comes supporting a WVGA screen, a 5MP camera (as opposed to the PF200's 8MP camera), and a full-HD front facing camera. a 1.2GHZ processor and LTE capabilities.