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RIM unveils BlackBerry App World

RIM announces BlackBerry App World
RIM announces BlackBerry App World

While the world has been awash with applications for RIM's BlackBerry for a number of years, the Canadian company has finally unveiled its own portal for downloading extra content... welcome to BlackBerry App World.

RIM announced it would be creating its own portal to compete with the likes of Apple, Nokia, Microsoft and Android, but now it will offer 'tons of great applications designed for your BlackBerry smartphone with games, social networks, personal productivity applications and so much more.'

The only problem is that applications don't weigh anything RIM... they're virtual!


The new App World will allow you to pay for applications over PayPal, which can be set up for automatic payments and allowing you to quickly download software to your handset.

It's likely there will be both free and paid-for apps, given that the BlackBerry eco-system is already alive with such unofficial software from the likes of Handango.

Users can head on over to the BlackBerry website and register for instant notification of when the new store will go live... and you can start modding your BlackBerry all over the place.