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RIM promises 7 new BlackBerrys 'over the coming months'

BlackBerry Bold Touch - a sign of things to come
BlackBerry Bold Touch - a sign of things to come

RIM has announced the imminent arrival of seven new BlackBerry phones, set to launch "over the coming months".

Co-CEO Jim Balsillie said at the company's annual meeting that the new handsets will be running BlackBerry OS 7.

The ailing mobile phone maker is yet to get a new handset on sale in 2011, although it did announce the BlackBerry Bold Touch 9900 back in May.

The reason for the hold up, according to RIM, is that the company has been struggling to get its handsets to meet "market expectations".

The tortoise and the hare

Mike Lazaridis, RIM's other CEO, said that "It may have delayed us, but we are going to come out ahead."

So what handsets will we see coming out? The BlackBerry Torch 2 will almost certainly be one, the BlackBerry Touch 9860 another and we can probably also expect to see the Curve Touch before too long and possibly also the BlackBerry Storm 3.

But these should all pale in comparison to the upcoming QNX line of BlackBerry smartphones, which should launch some time in 2012. But is it all too little too late?

Via the Guardian