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Microsoft 'missed an entire generation' with Windows Mobile

Windows Phone 7 - Microsoft gets serious
Windows Phone 7 - Microsoft gets serious

Microsoft has revealed that it has a lot of catching up to do in the mobile phone world, with Steve Ballmer noting that the company lost a whole generation of users.

Speaking at Microsoft's Worldwide Partner Conference, Ballmer explained: "On the phone side we missed a generation with Windows Mobile.

"We really did miss almost a release cycle, but Windows Phone 7 which we had a chance to debut at the Mobile World Congress earlier this year has received really quite remarkable reviews."

Proud to carry

Ballmer is so proud of the upcoming Windows Phone 7 devices he believes it will mark Microsoft out as a serious contender in the smartphone market.

"I think we will give you a set of Windows-branded devices that people will be proud to carry at home and will really fit and support the scenarios that enterprise."

The first batch of Windows Phone 7 handsets should be appearing in the UK sometime in September.