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Intel and Orange sign new MeeGo agreement

Orange and Intel have signed a new agreement to bring Orange services to the tech firm's new MeeGo platform.

Items such as Orange TV and Orange Maps will be brought to the new OS, which runs on Linux foundations, and will be used on devices running Intel's Atom processor.

The new deal will see MeeGo, with Orange services, brought to smartphones, tablets and netbooks, meaning a wide gamut of devices for the new platform.

Bringing the mobile net

The other cool element of this deal is that customers will be able to synchronise such services across multiple devices, as the agreement promises to enable customers to enjoy Orange's offerings across 'multiple screens'.

"Seventy-five percent of our customer base has yet to embrace the mobile internet.

"With the increasing number of phones and operating systems for customers to choose from, it is our role to make sure our customer's journey into this richer mobile multimedia environment is simple and easy," said Yves Maitre, SVP Devices, Orange Group

Announced at Mobile World Congress earlier this year, MeeGo is a collaboration between Intel and Nokia, combining the power of Moblin from Intel and Maemo from Nokia, used on the N900.