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Facebook launches another standalone app, this time it's Groups

It's free on Android and iOS right now

Facebook is gradually turning features of its mobile service into standalone apps. Both Messenger and Paper got the app treatment, and now Groups is getting the same.

As its name suggests, Groups lets you interact specifically with the Facebook groups you're a part of. By putting this feature into its own app, Facebook hopes that it'll make managing and navigating these groups a bit easier.

Right now you can access Groups from within the main Facebook app, but the feature is somewhat hidden away among all the other bits and pieces of the social network's mobile application.

Come together

The Groups app makes things much clearer, presenting your groups in attractive circular icons, with your most frequently-visited positioned at the top.

However, if you're a regular user of Groups but don't fancy adding yet another app to your phone screen, the good news is that Facebook won't be forcing you to move over to the iOS/Android app.

You've got the option to keep using Groups from within the main app - at least for the foreseeable future.