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BlackBerry OS 7 is not coming to older handsets

BlackBerry Touch 9900 - it's got better software than you
BlackBerry Touch 9900 - it's got better software than you

RIM has confirmed that the newly launched BlackBerry OS 7 will not be coming to older phones.

So that means the BlackBerry Torch and older Bold models won't be getting the snazzy new icons and nippy web browsing of the Bold Touch.

Is this the end for older BlackBerry's upgrade cycles? If so, Torch owners will likely feel a little bit miffed.

Seven month span

After all, BlackBerry OS 6 was only launched in August 2010 so while it's time for an upgrade, it's a bit harsh for Torch owners whose phone was only up to date for a number of months.

The reason behind the new-models-only approach is the 1.2Ghz processor that the Bold Touch is rocking; the extra power means a better OS, and older BlackBerrys simply couldn't handle it.

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