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Tesco set to sell its own Windows tablet?

The Tesco Connect Windows tablet
Could that be a Tesco Windows tablet we can see?

UK supermarket Tesco is reported to start selling a gaming bundle that includes an Xbox One console and a Connect Windows tablet. The latter may well be a Windows version of the Technika Connect Android-based tablet that surfaced almost two years ago.

What looks like a promotional Tesco poster was posted by Windowscentral; it shows that the bundle will cost £349 and will go on sale on 7th November.

Tesco sells the console without Kinect for £329 which means that the tablet would cost just £20. The cheapest 7-inch Windows tablet on the market is the Linx 7 which retails for £80.

Bundle of joy

Speaking of the which, Tesco has another bundle deal that includes the same tablet and the Nokia Lumia 530 Windows Phone for £129.

Obviously doing so may well harm Tesco's own Hudl 2 product, which retails for the same price as the Nokia Lumia 530 bundle.

But then given the financial troubles that the company is currently in, the prospect of an Xbox-driven Christmas might actually be one that's too good to ignore.