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Intel confirms Ivy Bridge processor delay

Ultrabooks hit by processor delay

Intel has confirmed that the delivery of its new Ivy Bridge processor which will power the next generation of Ultrabooks has been delayed.

We had already heard rumblings that shipments of the new chip could be knocked back, but now it has been confirmed by Intel's Sean Maloney.

The Ivy Bridge chips were expected as early as April, but when asked for a new release date by the Financial Times, Maloney said, "I think maybe it's June now."

22 tricky nanometers

Maloney suggested the delay was due to the upgraded manufacturing process used to produce the 22nm process chips (compared to the 32nm process Sandy Bridge chips).

The delay will have a knock-on effect on the production of the next generation of Ultrabooks which are set to rely upon Intel's Ivy Bridge mobile processor to deliver longer battery life and faster speeds than its predecessor, Sandy Bridge.

Via Financial Times, The Verge