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Latest Microsoft Courier details leaked

Engadget's latest shot of the Courier
Engadget's latest shot of the Courier

More details on the much-vaunted Microsoft Courier have arrived, with firm rumours that it is a Tegra 2 powered dual-screen device running Windows CE 6.

Engadget has got hold of the details from a 'trusted source' but with new pictures of the user interface that follow on from the Gizmodo video leaked last year, it's certainly credible.

Apparently the Courier 'digital journal' will be under an inch thick, weigh in at less than a kilo and is around 130 x 180mm.

Tegra 2

Interestingly, the device will be powered by Nvidia's Tegra 2 processor and will sport Windows CE 6 – which is the OS that the Windows Phone series 7 is based on.

The user interface uses a stylus, and handwriting recognition will be a key feature.

The video that surfaced showed off much of the envisioned functionality, but with a Q3-Q4 release date being touted the Courier could well be seen as a viable alternative to the Apple iPad.

Pricing and a more firm date are not included in the leaked information, but the presence of a camera and headphone jack suggest that this is very much aimed at the gap between netbooks and smartphones.

Via Engadget