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Facebook wants businesses to embrace social with Facebook at Work

Facebook at work: One more reason to stay on social networks.
Facebook at work: One more reason to stay on social networks.

Facebook has finally unveiled Facebook at work, a new product aimed squarely at enterprises and businesses who want to use the opportunities of social networking to improve communication and efficiency.

The new initiative comes in a crowded market with Microsoft's Yammer (and Delve), Podio, Huddle, Salesforce's Chatter and many others looking to infuse entreprise collaboration with a dose of social.

The service allows companies to create their own social networks internally using Facebook technology. The obvious advantage is the familiarity of the user interface and therefore the low learning curve.

An iOS version of Facebook At Work is already available and an Android version is likely to follow. Users will be able to link up their profiles or employees can decide to keep both of them separate.

Companies can already register their interest for what looks like a subdued debut for a promising product. The usually marketing-savvy firm didn't even issue a press release for the launch of "Facebook at work".

Facebook's stock dipped slightly and are down nearly 1% since the news went live. The last 18 months though have seen the shares of the company rocket by more than 220%.

Source TechCrunch