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Facebook surfing gets 'sick' staff the sack

Careful when you get your Facebooking done

Next time you take a sickie from work, just be careful about your social-networking activity when 'recovering' in bed.

That's a lesson a laid-up Swiss office worker learned the hard way this week when her employers fired her for spending time on Facebook instead of resting at home.

Spotted online

Apparently, she had claimed she couldn't look at a computer screen and needed to rest in a darkened room instead of working, but Facebook's handy online-friend tracker revealed her skiving to a manager at the office.

The employer, Nationale Suisse, explained: "This abuse of trust, rather than the activity on Facebook, led to the ending of the work contract."

It was the iPhone, guv

In her defence, the unnamed woman claimed that she had indeed been in bed and was using Facebook on her iPhone. This surely isn't the last time we'll hear of SNS tracking getting folk in hot water.