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Prisoner uses Facebook to boast about beery lifestyle

Prisoners using Facebook to connect to outside world
Prisoners using Facebook to connect to outside world

A prisoner at HMP Wolds in the UK has been posting on Facebook about his easy lifestyle.

Using a smuggled mobile phone, Brendan Rawsthorn posted status updates and pictures of himself while in his cell, something forbidden by law in a prison.

He talked about making a chocolate cake, playing PlayStation all day long and getting drunk on home-made prison brew - which we're worried may have been made of urine.

Chilling with the sounds

Rawthorn was convicted in 2006 of Arson for setting fire to a builder's yard, but clearly is enjoying his new lifestyle - talking about "listing [sic] to music with my feet up."

Facebook has since removed the offending profile page, stating it contravenes its terms of use.

The managing company for the prison pointed to the decreasing size of the mobile phone as the reason they are becoming harder to detect.

Although mobile phone jamming equipment is illegal in the UK, its use in prisons is possible in the near future to stop instances like this.