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Microsoft 'working on' a music/video service named Ventura

Could Zune's days be numbered?
Could Zune's days be numbered?

Microsoft could be working on a music and video discovery and download service codenamed 'Ventura'.

The tip comes from ZDNet, whose contacts have confirmed the existence of the project, as well as saying that the new service will include recommendations, ratings and comments.

Microsoft already has a music service of sorts, Zune Player and Marketplace, which has most recently been used as the link between its new Windows Phone handsets and the PC; whether the Ventura project would augment or supplant the Zune programme is not yet clear.

Job ad

Backing up the sources' information is a job posting from Microsoft which mentions a 'Ventura Media Services team'.

The posting describes the Ventura team as, "An agile team working on the beginning of some very large scale projects.

"The team is a tight group of music and video lovers that create services and experiences revolving around music\video discovery and consumption. We are not afraid to try new things in the name of pushing the bleeding edge of technology.

"In this position you will have the chance to help choose direction and drive innovation on some of the most cutting edge media services."

From ZDNet