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Chrome now second biggest browser in UK

Chrome - growing like a weed
Chrome - growing like a weed

Google Chrome has taken the number two spot in the British browser wars, shuffling Mozilla Firefox down into third place.

Chrome hit 22.1 per cent of users in July, inching past Firefox's 22 per cent according to StatCounter.

The ever-present Internet Explorer is still top of the heap with 45 per cent of UK internet users opting for the Microsoft-made browser.

Sad safari

Trailing in fourth place is Safari, Apple's proprietary web browser, with just 9 per cent of the nation accessing the internet using it.

Chrome has steadily increased its share of the global browser market, too, with its users up two per cent in July compared to June.

Meanwhile, Internet Explorer use has fallen again from 44 per cent globally in June to 42 per cent in July.

No doubt Google's aggressive advertising campaigns and the launch of its new Chromebook laptops have helped the browser gain more share; but it's obviously doing something right to keep users coming back for more.

Via SlashGear