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Huawei rejects claims it's considering dropping the Honor 20 series

Honor 20 Pro
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The Honor 20 series launched at an unfortunate time, coming just days after news of the Huawei ban, and as such its future was always uncertain.

According to a Bloomberg report (opens in new tab), which explores Huawei's predictions of its future, several insiders close to the company claim Huawei is considering dropping the Honor 20 series just after launch.

Update: However, a Honor spokesperson has exclusively told TechRadar that it "is not considering pulling back the Honor 20 series in global markets" and instead will be "aggressively promoting" the handsets.

Honor is a subsidiary of Huawei, so it is affected by the Huawei ban, but not everyone knows about the relationship between the two companies, so its reputation may not be tarnished as badly by the ban in the eyes of consumers.

In addition, during our hands on time, we found the Honor 20 and Honor 20 Pro provide the cutting-edge specs that you'd normally only find on premium smartphones, but at mid-range prices.

The future of Huawei and Honor is uncertain, but with such impressive handsets, the tech world will be worse off if these phones stop hitting shelves.

Tom Bedford
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