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Your Oculus Rift is on its way. Here's when the VR headset arrives

Oculus Rift release date
Oculus Rift release date

March has been a good month for virtual reality fans.

GDC 2016 gave us the price and launch information for PlayStation VR, four new demos for the HTC Vive (including one super awesome Star Wars game) and now, it seems, March 28 is the day you can expect the first consumer versions of the Oculus Rift to arrive, too.

On Thursday, Oculus CEO Brendan Iribe confirmed to the world that the first units have shipped and that they'd be here, surprisingly, before the end of the month:

"The first Oculus Rift has shipped, deliveries begin Monday 3.28.2016," said Iribe on Twitter.

In order to be one of the lucky first customers, unfortunately, you needed to pre-order your unit a few months back. You can still order a unit today through the official Oculus website, but your unit probably won't be arriving until the end of summer.

A Monday morning arrival will cement Oculus as the first major VR headset in consumers' homes, beating the HTC Vive by a few weeks and PlayStation VR by a few months.