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Soon, all wireless Xbox accessories will work with Windows 10

Xbox One controller

Microsoft wants you to know it's very serious about this "oneness" thing it's doing, even down to the accessories you use to game.

The Redmond firm revealed during GDC 2015 that all wireless Xbox gaming accessories will be designed for and supported on Xbox One and Windows 10 PCs from now on. Not only does this save users some bank, it creates a continuous experience, whether playing on a console or PC.

A wireless adapter for the Xbox One controller to work with Windows PCs is due out later this year, too.

There's more good news headed users' way as ID@Xbox, Microsoft's self-publishing game arm, will now let developers create for all Windows 10 devices. Yes, that includes HoloLens.

An Xbox Live SDK for Windows 10 has hit select developers (Microsoft plans to broaden that corps at some point), meaning the vast majority Xbox Live's services are headed to a Windows 10 machine near you. And with its universal apps push, more content will be available across Microsoft's device platforms.