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New Xbox One interface borrows Windows 10's coolest trick

Xbox One Cortana

After two long years, the Xbox One is going to get a desperately needed touch-up.

Microsoft announced at its E3 2015 press event that it will release a new update for the home screen that includes its virtual assistant, Cortana, as well as gamers' avatars from their Xbox 360s, enhancements to the community section and faster loading times.

The update will roll out to Xbox One preview members in the coming weeks, before coming to every user's system in the fall.

Before you get too excited, Cortana will require a Kinect to use, and the revamp itself should be met with a healthy bit of skepticism - Microsoft isn't exactly known for coming up with the best interface designs.

Other changes include moving pins to a different location and a greater emphasis on community engagement - i.e. making game hubs an integral part of the home screen.