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Xbox 360 set for slim, black rebrand for Natal bundle

Xbox 360 - Natal bringing wind of change
Xbox 360 - Natal bringing wind of change

Microsoft is set to make a raft of announcements at E3 this year, and rumours abound that the basic Xbox 360 will be going black and slim when it's bundled with the forthcoming Natal.

Natal – a motion sensor camera and microphone that Microsoft is hoping will catapult the Xbox 360 to a new level and a whole new market – is on course for release later in the year, and its arrival will herald major changes for the platform.

According to one well-known source, Surfer Girl, a 'slim Natal bundle' will be at the centre of Microsoft's announcements, with black replacing white as the default colour of the Xbox 360.

Currently Microsoft's flagship Elite Xbox 360 is available in black.


Surfer Girl also hints that one of the games unveiled that takes advantage of Natal will be Metal Gear Solid.

Whatever is actually announced by Microsoft, the buzz around Natal is clear to see.

Microsoft's motion camera and microphone caught the mood at last year's E3, and the prospect of drawing in the family market that loved the Wii is certainly appealing to both Microsoft and Sony.

Surfer girl via Engadget