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Xbox 360 fever remedied with metal cooling case

Xbox 360 RRoD
You'll want to avoid this if you can help it

Since we first saw Lian Li's replacement Xbox 360 case at CES back in January, there's been no sign of a commercial release. So forgive us if we're a touch sceptical about claims that it will go on sale by the end of August.

The Taiwanese PC case specialist says the PC-XB01 "has evolved according to end-user feedback", which suggests users were badgering the firm to make a bigger, bulkier aluminium box for their hot little consoles.

Do it yourself

You could certainly do worse. Everything from the Xbox fits into the metal case, apart from the external AC brick, where a huge 12cm fan keeps it cool. Should it still run hot, there's an option to add liquid cooling via two rear pipe holes.

Naturally, you'll need to be comfortable voiding the Microsoft warranty and pulling out the guts of the console yourself, but the suggested £80 or so seems like value for money if it ever does go on sale.