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Microsoft integrates Facebook into Outlook with Social Connector

Outlook: now with added Facebook
Outlook: now with added Facebook

As announced in February, Microsoft Outlook now allows users to integrate their Facebook accounts and view contacts' photos, news feeds and status updates with an add-on to Social Connector.

Microsoft states that: "According to the Nielsen ratings, 67 per cent of the global online population now goes online to visit social networks and blogs to stay connected, make decisions, and get things done. Today's news demonstrates our commitment to evolving Office to support the way you get things done."

LinkedIn and MySpace became available in Social Connector over the winter, and this week Facebook and Windows Live were also added.


Instead of offering up its own social network, Microsoft is keen to promote the convenience of mixing users' Outlook inbox with their social networks, such as Facebook and MySpace.

Microsoft has also released a new version of the Outlook Social Connector, giving users the ability to receive real-time updates in the 'People Pane' within Outlook.

With regard to privacy, Microsoft have said that the user decides what information they share, and with who.

Back in April Microsoft announced Live Messenger 9, which allowed users to share their status updates with all of their social networks. Today's Outlook update promises similar integration with our inboxes, too.