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Confusion over Google Nexus Q for the UK

Nexus Q 'definitely' coming to the UK
Nexus Q - on the way

The Google Nexus Q is US only for now, with people hoping for a UK launch having to wait and see if Google will bring ther design to the UK.

At the I/O Extended event in London, a Google spokesperson suggested a UK launch was on the cards, but the official line is that there are "no plans to release the Nexus Q in the UK as yet".

The $299 (around £193) device was announced in San Diego at the main conference, but was only confirmed for the US market.


With HDMI connections and the same chips as the Nexus 7 tablet, this is a powerful device that could feasibly have some interesting repercussions for Google TV kit.

Google always looks to release its products and then iterate, and, as with the recently announced Sony-built Google TV for the UK market, its products generally make it across the pond.

There's clearly a desire from Google to release its kit in the UK, but the company has probably sensibly adopted the stance that it is not yet ready to commit to the Nexus Q coming to Britain.