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No overclocking 'black box' in Intel chips

Failed conspiracy theory: there is no 'black box' in Intel chips.

Intel has rubbished reports of the existence of a so-called 'virtual black box' in its processors. Rumours suggested that a 'virtual black box' could detect and record frequency and voltage overclocking in its PC processors, like the Core 2 Duo.

The reports suggest that Intel uses data from the black box to detect whether failed processors returned under warranty have been run outside of specification. The warranty on such CPUs, it is alleged, would therefore not be honoured.

However, speaking today to, Intel's main man in the UK, Alistair Kemp, categorically denied that Intel processors had any secret circuitry capable of recording overclocking attempts.

Kemp did emphasise, however, that this did not prejudice Intel's official attitude towards overclocking. "If you run our processors out of spec, you will void your warranty," he said.

The moral of the story, therefore, is the same as ever: you overclock at your own risk.