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Intel quietly adds slew of Baytrail, Haswell processors

Baytrail, Haswell
Nearly a dozen CPUs added

Intel has added 11 new SKUs to its mobile processor portfolio for all budgets, with three Celeron, one Pentium, three Core i5 and four Core i7 models.

The first two familes are BayTrail based while the others are Haswell-based; they are all manufactured using a 22nm manufacturing process.

There's a quad-core Celeron model, the N2940, with a 7.5W TDP, 2MB of L2 cache and a base clock speed of 1.83GHz which is likely to be a favourite amongst laptop makers.

On an even lower TDP is the Celeron N2808 which has a 4.3W TDP, two cores, 1MB L2 cache and can clock at up to 2.25GHz; it is a slight improvement on the N2807, a sign perhaps that Intel has tweaked its manufacturing process even further.

Although Intel hasn't killed the Atom brand completely, the fact that it doesn't list them in its pricelist pretty much means that it is gone, at least for client-side products.

Atom still exist for smartphones, server/storage and communications products but on desktop and laptops we reckon that it is all but a foregone brand.