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The best cheap dash cam deals and sales for January 2022

cheap dash cam deals sales prices

So you've decided it's time to get yourself covered via a cheap dashcam deal? There's no need to spend hundreds on a dashcam, as many of the lower-priced ones are more than enough for what you need.

In an ideal world, we wouldn’t need dash cams. But this isn’t an ideal world, and thanks to insurance fraudsters, terrible drivers, and the odd giant boulder rolling down a mountainside and onto the freeway dash cam sales have meant ever more people recording as they roll. In this round-up, we’ve found the best deals on some really good dash cams.

We've opted for models that offer the best number of features and build quality for your money so you know you're getting a decent option whichever one you go for in the end.

Cheap dash cam sales and deals

Touguard Mini Dash Cam deals prices sales cheap

Toguard Mini Dash Cam

The best budget dash cam option

Video quality: 1080p | Viewing angle: 120 degrees | Screen size: 1.5-inch | GPS tracker: No | Memory: SD Card (not always included)


The Toguard Mini dash cam offers decent spec for a very low price: it’s capable of full HD recording and its 120-degree field of view means it can capture three lanes of traffic simultaneously. It’s small enough to conceal behind your mirror so it doesn’t get in the way, and it covers the essentials with motion detection, time stamping and a g-force sensor that prevents footage from being overwritten after an impact. Just be aware that to operate, the camera needs a constant power supply: the battery’s just for remembering your settings. That may be a problem if your car kills power to the lighter socket when the ignition’s off.

Apeman dash cam sales prices deals cheap

Apeman dash cam

Can record even with the ignition turned off

Video quality: 1080p | Viewing angle: 170 degrees | Screen size: 3-inch | GPS tracker: No | Memory: Micro SD Card (not always included)

Wide angle
Shock sensor
Works in low-light conditions too

The Apeman dash cam only costs a little more than other cheap dash cams, but it offers some pretty decent specs: the lens has a 170 degree field of vision, the f/1.8 aperture gives reasonable quality in low light, there’s a g-force sensor to prevent automatic overwriting of footage after an impact and it has both motion detection and parking mode. The 32GB storage isn’t massive, but it should be fine for everyday use - and unlike some rivals the battery here isn’t just to save your preferences. It should deliver about 20 minutes of continuous recording when there’s no direct power supply.

Anker Roav Dashcam C1 Pro prices deals sales

Anker Roav Dashcam C1 Pro

The best for video quality

Video quality: 1080p | Viewing angle: 145 degrees | Screen size: 2.4-inch | GPS tracker: Yes | Memory: Micro SD Card (not included)

Great video
Dual port USB charger

Watch what you’re looking at retailers with this one: the non-Pro C1 is listed in confusingly similar ways, and it’s hard to tell the difference without really digging into the details. Of the two, this is the one to go for: it ups the resolution from Full HD to 2K, it has built-in GPS and wide dynamic range video, it auto-adjusts for the best image quality in every lighting condition and you can retrace your steps on the ROAV app and it comes with a 2-port USB charger to save you having to buy one. There’s a 32GB Samsung SD card in the box too. Stock is limited in the UK.

cheap Anker ROAV Dashcam A1 deals sales prices

Anker Roav Dashcam A1

Supports larger capacity memory cards than most rivals

Video quality: 1080p | Viewing angle: 145 degrees | Screen size: 2.4-inch | GPS tracker: No | Memory: SD Card (not included)

Sony sensor
140 degree view
Nice design

The A1 doesn’t have the super wide angle lens of some rivals, but 140 degrees is more than enough for motorway/freeway driving and the f/1.9 aperture offers reasonable low light performance. It supports 128GB cards instead of the usual 32GB, has an emergency recording mode and boasts a g-shock sensor to detect impacts. It’s a hardy beast too: with a minimum recommended operating temperature of -4 Fahrenheit (-20 Celsius) it can handle even tough winters. It’s a typically Anker product with good engineering and solid build quality that should last for years.

cheap Vantrue N2 Pro dash cam deals sales prices

Vantrue N2 Pro dash cam

The best dash cam for taxis and Uber drivers?

Video quality: 1080p | Viewing angle: 310 degrees | Screen size: 1.5-inch | GPS tracker: No (unless you buy optinal mount) | Memory: Micro SD Card (not included)

Wide angle
Records inside and outside of car
A little pricey compared to others

The Vantrue N2 Pro is designed for people who need to record not just what’s happening outside the vehicle, but inside it too. That makes it well suited to Uber and taxi drivers, professional drivers and anyone prone to a bit of carpool karaoke. The specs are generous: 170 degrees of vision to the front and 140 inside, dual 1920 x 1080 at 30fps recording, interior night vision with motion detection and good quality audio recording too. It’s quite pricey compared to other dash cams but it’s a bit like insurance: you’d rather not need it but if disaster strikes you’ll be glad you did.

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