Samsung Galaxy A8 review

Almost makes the A-list

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The Samsung Galaxy A8 is a solid phone that offers a comfy middle-ground in price and specs between an affordable phone and models like the Samsung Galaxy S9.

You can get more phone per dollar with a Motorola, Honor or OnePlus handset, but we knew that would be the case before we even turned the A8 on.

So the Samsung Galaxy A8 is not the most value-packed phone at the price, but is a decent all-round option if you have your heart set on a Galaxy.

Who's this for?

This phone is perfect for someone who definitely wants a Samsung but is not willing to spend the money a top-end handset demands.

Should you buy it?

The Samsung Galaxy A8 is not terrific value at its launch price. An older Samsung flagship is a better buy if you find one on sale. And Honor, Huawei and OnePlus offer more at the same price.

However, if you’re set on a new Samsung it does its primary job, of offering us something more affordable than a Samsung flagship.

The Galaxy A8 has some serious competition from the following handsets:

Honor View 10

If you want more phone for the same amount of money, the View 10 is one to check out. It has four times the storage, a more powerful chipset and a more versatile rear camera. The screen is LCD rather than OLED, so not as vivid, but the Honor has sheer value on its side.

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OnePlus 6

The OnePlus 6 is only very slightly more than the Galaxy A8 for its entry-level 6GB of RAM and 64GB of storage configuration.

It's already off to a good start then, and it's also available in 128GB and 256GB variants too. The design of the OnePlus 6 is just as, if not more premium than the A8 with Gorilla Glass adorning the front and back.

The isn't any wireless charging, microSD slot or stereo speakers, but you do get an awful lot of a power, a big screen and dual rear cameras for your money.

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Moto G6 Plus

The latest Moto G6 phones get you surprisingly close to the Galaxy A8 for just over half the price. They have glass backs, good screens and decent rear cameras. The Moto G6 Plus’s screen is far less vivid-looking, and the selfie camera is not in the same league, but you can’t argue with the basics here.

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First reviewed: May 2018

  • Thanks to Vodafone for providing us with a Samsung Galaxy A8 for review
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