When it comes to the ZTE Grand X's camera, video is the biggest disappointment, with no 1080p Full HD option.

We're stuck with plain old 720p, which is a little puzzling given the capabilities of the Tegra 2 CPU/Android 4.0 OS combo at the Grand X's heart, although for the price we can't complain too much.

However the 720p mode scarcely deserves the loosely applied 'HD' term. Video is blurry and far from smooth, while there's nothing here to counteract shaky handling.

You can zoom during filming, but the horrific effect this has on detail should prevent you from doing so.

For some reason it's impossible to bring the flash into play in video mode, which means that indoor and low-light shooting is a little problematic.

ZTE Grand X review

Besides issues of quality, the Android 4.0 video camera interface is pleasant enough to use on the ZTE Grand X - if a little basic.

You can adjust the white balance according to four scene settings, and also apply a time lapse effect. That's about it.

Take a look at our video samples to get an idea of the ZTE Grand X's lacklustre video performance.