ZTE Grand X review

ZTE impresses with a dual-core stock Android 4.0 device for the masses

ZTE Grand X review
The definitive ZTE Grand X review

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While its style and specifications may belong to 2011, the ZTE Grand X's dual-core processor and Android 4.0 OS makes other sub-£200 Android devices look positively under-equipped.

It's not quite as impressive in the hand as it is on paper, with an unresponsive screen and a mediocre camera, but you can't argue with the overall value of the Grand X package.

We liked

You'll struggle to find a dual-core Android phone for less than £200, but that's exactly what we have with the ZTE Grand X.

Equally hard to find is a non-Nexus device that ships with stock Android Ice Cream Sandwich, but again the ZTE Grand X comes up trumps in this regard.

Add in a thoughtful array of pre-loaded apps and decent connectivity and you have an affordable device that can handle pretty much anything you throw at it.

We disliked

If any corners have been cut, it's with the ZTE Grand X's design. It's a chunky, utilitarian device that doesn't attract a whole lot of gadget lust.

That 4.3-inch qHD display is also a little underwhelming - both in terms of vibrancy and responsiveness - as is the ZTE Grand X's rather ordinary 5-megapixel camera. Where's the 1080p video recording?

Final verdict

Criticising the ZTE Grand X for its ugly looks, ordinary camera and underwhelming screen almost seems churlish when held against its extraordinary price-performance ratio.

Offering a dual-core processor and stock Android 4.0 OS for less than £200, this is a no-nonsense phone that punches well above its weight.