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Thanks to the large screen, the Anthem handles contacts very well, presenting them in white on a black screen. You can view them in landscape or portrait layout, and they basically look large and friendly.

ZTE Anthem 4G review

Avatars will import for your friends, fetched from your Google account, and you can easily add contacts, check a call log, create groups, or look at your most contacted. Although in our test run, the two "most contacted" were just people we happened to have emailed twice the day before.


If this phone is built to do one thing very well, it's to make phone calls. The Anthem 4G supports Bluetooth and the unit itself has two microphones and supports noise cancellation, which in turn leads to superb calls.

ZTE Anthem 4G review

While cell phone call quality without a separate headset seems to have lessened in priority over the last few years, the Anthem does a great job of bringing it back to the forefront.