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Battery Life

We're glad the Anthem's battery is replaceable, because the battery life was very low. We tended to get roughly three hours out of the phone when using it for video and web browsing, and talk time ate into that number further.

ZTE Anthem 4G review

It's obvious that the large battery included here adds to the weight of the phone, but doesn't seem to do much for the longevity of the phone. If you're a power user, or expecting to use this on a cross-country trip, pack an extra battery or two.


The Anthem offers multiple ways to connect with the world of data, including Bluetooth, GPS, EV-DO, LTE, Wifi, USB, micro-HDMI, and more.

It also includes a 4G Mobile Hotspot app, although that requires a feature on your rate plan, and a strong 4G signal.


The Anthem comes with a ton of pre-installed applications, the standard Google suite of apps, but it also packs in a lot of additional, unnecessary apps like M Studio, Pocket Express, IntroNow, and others.

ZTE Anthem 4G review

However, we quickly found that these were just shortcuts to download the actual apps, which makes them little more than foot-in-the-door opportunities for app creators. There is the AppStore app, but chances are that you'll turn to Google Play, which is included, for most of your app needs.