Sony Xperia P review

Although impressive, there is little in terms of pre-installed apps and mapping software that helps set the Sony Xperia P apart from a number of its Android rivals, with the Google-branded operating system coming with the traditional collection of Google innards and pre-assigned services.

As expected from an Android smartphone, the Sony Xperia P runs Google Maps direct from the box, with the familiar mapping and navigation app-based software doing what is expected of it, providing largely accurate and reasonably speedy location-based data on demand.

Eager to lock on to GPS signals, the phone's maps offering sees you also benefiting from a rift of directions and navigational services.

Sony Xperia P review

Despite being uninspiring in terms of from the box app-based content, Sony's handset is more than capable of benefiting largely from the expansive offering of Google Play apps available to download.

With 16GB worth of internal storage and a 1GHz dual-core processor combining with 1GB of RAM to run the show, the Sony Xperia P is powerful enough to comfortably run any manner of applications thrown at it.

A selection of performance-demanding games ran with ease and no sign of unwanted lag, stuttering or infuriatingly sluggish transitions back to the home screens.