Sony Xperia Go review

Can Sony's Go Go gadget phone make a splash?

Sony Xperia Go
Sony's Xperia Go is a rugged Android smartphone with style

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Sony Xperia Go review

With the usual Google Maps and Navigation software pre-installed, the rugged Sony Xperia Go is a handy device to have with you when venturing out with an uncertain destination in mind.

Speedy to lock on to a GPS signal, the smartphone's mapping abilities - like those of most modern Android handsets - is simple and intuitive to use, with location-based data and quick, easy to follow point-by-point directions just a few quick clicks away.

Further expanding the tough, outdoors appeal of the handset, the Sony Xperia Go comes pre-installed with a selection of high profile fitness apps that are sure to appeal to a large proportion of the people in the market for a water and dust-proof, life-beating handset.

Sony Xperia Go review

Loaded up front and centre to highlight the outdoorsy nature of the device, the Sony Xperia Go's home screen apps bar hosts a 'Fitness' folder with the likes of Adidas miCoach and the pedometer-styled WalkMate apps available for use from the off.

Although these might be overlooked by some, given the Sony Xperia Go's target market and unique selling points, their inclusion is one that is sure to appeal to many.

For those not taken by the fitness scene, the Sony Xperia Go also boasts a broad range of standard Android fare, with the usual Google+ and YouTube offerings joined by pre-installed Facebook and WhatsApp offerings.

Sony Xperia Go review

Enabling you to individually customise and fully tune your handset to personal wants and needs, the Google Play Store is accessible via a centrally located app, enabling you to fill your handset from the 600,000 apps on offer to Android handset users.

Because the Sony Xperia Go has been released since the Google outlet's rebranding saw it turn from the Android Market to the Google Play Store, the revamped service comes pre-installed, saving any confusion and time-consuming updates.