Sony Xperia Go review

Can Sony's Go Go gadget phone make a splash?

Sony Xperia Go
Sony's Xperia Go is a rugged Android smartphone with style

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Taking the specs fight to a number of its higher priced rivals, the Sony Xperia Go's video capabilities are nothing to be sniffed at, with the impressive on-paper combination of 720p HD recording at 30 frames per second translating into strong, well-round results and largely pleasing content.

Like the stills aspect of the Sony Xperia Go's 5 megapixel, 720p snapper, the handset's video content can at times suffer from blocky colours that fail to replicate the intricacies of the real world.

But the device largely handles lighting conditions surprisingly well, with a good balance when transitioning between areas of light and shade.

Sony Xperia Go review

Further enhancing the Sony Xperia Go's variable light shooting, the handset's integrated LED flash can be turned on to act as a recording light of sorts. Although in close indoor quarters this can prove marginally overpowering, it's an option that helps expand the phone's capturing capabilities.

Although the Xperia handset's video recording results offer little concern for unwanted, distracting motion blur, the device isn't without fault, with an unsteady hand resulting in nauseating content playback.

Although the Sony Xperia Go features image stabilising technologies, this proves largely ineffective, with even the smallest tremor in the hand resulting in noticeable jerks and wobbles in the captured content.

With a few customisable options enabling you to make minor white balance adjustments before shooting, the Sony Xperia Go plays host to one very handy feature, enabling you to capture in a dedicated MMS mode.

Although recording direct for media messaging purposes reduces the quality of the recording quite dramatically, the option makes sending video clips a breeze, removing all the file limit fuss from the equation.