Samsung epic 4g touch review

The 8MP rear-facing camera on the Samsung Epic 4G Touch is simply outstanding - one of the best we've tested. Our test photos turned out clear and bright, with an unusually high pixel resolution. Even in low-light conditions, the camera sensor still managed to capture a clear image with or without flash.

You can press a finger to choose where to focus - the camera responded faster for focusing on that area than the Motorola Atrix 2, which seemed to pause for half a second first.

Scene modes are more extensive than most - there's one for Fireworks at night, Fall colours, Dawn light and even Candlelight (instead of just background low light).

Better yet, the scene modes actually work. Even on a dismal autumn day, the Fall colour mode made colours pop a bit more realistically.

Samsung epic 4g touch review

FALL COLOURS: Notice the bright sky and deeper browns - the Fall colours scene mode brought out richer tones.

Samsung epic 4g touch review

LOW LIGHT: In this shot of a snowman in low light, the Epic 4G Touch still managed to make the photo bright

Samsung epic 4g touch review

TEXT: The Samsung Epic 4G Touch has a text photo scene mode that makes text look more crisp and readable.

Other settings include the ability to shoot multiple frames in a row, reduce or enhance exposure, change the focus mode, add effects such as greyscale and sepia, set white balance and reduce phone shake.

The shutter speed can be changed from a low of 100 up to a high of 800. A unique "blink detection" setting is intended to help you know that a subject is blinking, although we found this mode didn't work properly - we could still snap photos of someone blinking.

You can turn on guides, a review mode that shows each photo after you take it and a GPS tag that adds location data to the photo. You can also set image quality and resolution.