Nokia E7 review

Is the E7 too little, too late from Nokia?

Nokia E7
The definitive Nokia E7 review

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Nokia E7 review: Video

The video quality holds up better than the camera, boasting HD quality 720p resolution, shooting at 25fps.

In a dimly lit club, it made all the difference. The quality on the handset screen is excellent, though it loses a little clarity played back on a bigger screen. The microphone picks up a singer's voice in a noisy gig excellently.

But again, as with the camera, pre-set modes are sparse and you can choose from a selection of Automatic, Low light or Night mode.

Nokia e7

Somewhat making up for the lack of interesting camera modes is the video editing software. It's no iPad 2 iMovie, but you can make passably interesting videos with scene fades and titles. Sadly there's no using photo stills allowed.

If you're a video caller or a fan of MySpace ego-shots, there's a secondary camera tacked onto the front of the handset, but the quality is dire and grainier than your average British beach. Plus, despite the front-facing camera, the Nokia E7 doesn't yet support live-streaming, nor can you download Qik from the Ovi store.

Nokia e7

Taken in night mode at an indoor gig, quality is great and not as grainy as you would have expected. Audio is excellent. Using the full 3x digital zoom, the image was still excellent with very little pixilation.