Nokia C5-03 review

The updated C5 is a baby step in the smart direction

Nokia C5-03
The definitive Nokia C5-03 review

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Nokia C5-03 review: Internet

Despite being billed as a smartphone – albeit a budget one – the internet browsing powers of the Nokia C5-03 aren't great.

The 3.5-inch screen is nice and clear, but again, pages are slow to load because of the outdated OS, and then don't even load to fit the screen.

Zooming isn't graduated, meaning you can super-zoom with a tap, but that is the extent of it. And, of course, there is that darned resistive technology. The accelerometer enables easy movement from profile to landscape browsing.

Nokia c5-03

Happily, the provided browser does also support Flash Lite, but BBC iPlayer is still out of the question and if you really have an urge to watch mobile video content, sticking to the YouTube app rather than watching via the website is a better idea.

Nokia c5-03

Opera Mini is available from the Ovi store, but surprisingly the user experience wasn't a great improvement on the Symbian browser; sites still load at around the same speed. However it's nice to know the choice is there should you want it.

Nokia c5-03

The addition to crow about in this version of the Nokia C5-03 has to be Wi-Fi. Including WLAN 802.11 b/g is a great move from Nokia, especially for those on low data allowance plans, though we had a little difficulty connecting once or twice.