Nokia C5-03 review

The updated C5 is a baby step in the smart direction

Nokia C5-03
The definitive Nokia C5-03 review

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Nokia C5-03 review: Verdict

Nokia c5-03

If the Nokia C5-03 was still in school, he would sit somewhere in the middle of the class table. Not a dire performance, but not breaking into the big leagues either. He's a nice chap and isn't bad looking, but he's not particularly memorable either.

With the C5-03 being available in several different colours and having a handy wristchain slot (rather than an external memory card port) you get the feeling that it's aimed at customers more concerned with matching their phone to their outfit rather than hardcore networking, or even casual gaming.

More phone than smart, the innards of this little Nokia don't match up to the rather steep price point of £189 for a non-contracted handset, though those paying around £20 a month may have just the right amount of free data to while away a few minutes a day on the Nokia C5-03 waiting for their bus.

We liked

The familiar interface and ease of use will be a lure for some. Ovi Maps is a bonus and Wi-Fi connectivity is the trumpcard for this mid-range Nokia. Despite the lack of decent apps, access to the Ovi Store is easy enough and the touchscreen is of a good enough size to make casual social networking just about worth it.

Having a long battery life and being strong in the necessary core phone activity make it a good choice for those looking for a dependable device, rather than a pocket computer.

We disliked

The limited browsing capabilities and resistive touchscreen make the C5-03 the middling experience that it is.

The removal of good early C5 features such as camera flash and Facebook contact integration dials down the smartness of this phone and the S60 Symbian OS drags along at a semi-glacial pace. At this price point, we have to ask whether the addition of a little Wi-Fi magic is worth the average user experience.


The Nokia C5-03 perfect for those wishing to dip their big toe in the smartphone water but aren't yet ready for a more powerful beast. If you're not overly concerned with apps, look for ease of use and enjoy keeping up with your friends on the go and on a budget, then pick up a Nokia C5-03.

If that's all you want, you won't be disappointed.