Nokia 6700 Slide review

Does Nokia's plastic slider smartphone justify the price tag?

The definitive Nokia 6700 slide review
The definitive Nokia 6700 slide review

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Media playback is generally perfectly acceptable. The music player supports the composers' tag, which will make fans of classical music happy, and both volume and quality are perfectly adequate. There is an equaliser which does have a bit of an effect on playback, though not a huge one.

The real annoyance for music fans will be the 2.5mm headset connector. Coupled with the provision of a one-piece headset with flat in-ear buds this is most unsatisfactory.

The FM radio has no fewer than 50 preset stations and you can set these manually or download presets into the library.

Nokia 6700 slide

Video playback support runs only as far as MP4 and 3GP. We were able to play back video we shot on the phone easily but much that we tried to play from elsewhere was jerky and so unsatisfactory.

The small screen doesn't really lend itself to serious video watching, though, so we're not too put out and at least the video player defaults to widescreen.

Battery life

The battery on the Nokia 6700 Slide seems to go on and on. This is partly because we are getting used to seeing smartphones with large screens and expansive features that mean they need a lot of juice.

With no Wi-Fi, very little point to serious web browsing, and fairly mediocre video playback, you are left with music playback as the likely candidate for thrashing the battery.

Nokia 6700 slide

This suffers from the poor headset, which means many people might think twice about prolonged listening. We easily managed three days of use between charges simply due to not having much to play with on the phone, which will probably suit some people.

The charger uses the tiny Nokia tip, so you'll probably have to carry it regardless of whatever other mini-USB or micro-USB kitted out equipment you have.


Symbian S60 3rd Edition is very good at its organiser software, and in this case the range including a capable calendar.

Nokia 6700 slide

There's also a clock, voice recorder, calculator and a very simple but effective converter which can cope with all manner of data including currency, energy, area, temperature and plenty of others.

Nokia 6700 slide

There is also a nice little note taker. This is often overlooked on Nokia handsets, but can come in quite handy.

Nokia 6700 slide


As usual, you need the Ovi Suite to make a connection between the Nokia 6700 Slide and your PC. It isn't provided with the phone but it's easy to download and install.

Nokia provides a ridiculously short connecting cable, but you've probably got enough of these laying around already for that not to bother you.

With Ovi Suite, it's possible to synchronise contacts and copy files across from computer to PC. Alternatively, you can simply copy supported file types onto a microSD card, as we did with some music files.

Nokia 6700 slide

Another alternative is to activate Ovi Sync and back up your contacts, calendar and data over the air. Everything you need for that is on the handset itself.