When it comes to the internet the small screen of the Nokia 6700 Slide is an obvious and immediate negative point. You simply can't get the same kind of experience with web browsing on a 2.2-inch screen as you can on a screen that is twice that size.

Nokia 6700 slide

But Nokia's web browser does a reasonable job of making the most of the space on offer.

The MiniMap system means that you get a small overview of an entire web page and can pan about and stop when a red thumbnail box hovers over the section of a page you actually want to see.

There is also an accelerometer built into the Nokia 6700 Slide, which means you can turn the handset onto its side and get a slightly wider-screened view of things. It doesn't make a huge amount of difference, to be honest, but even the few extra pixels of width can come in handy at times.

Nokia 6700 slide

There is also a full-screen viewing option, which gives you even more screen area to allocate to a web page. Again, it doesn't offer anything like what you can expect from a larger screen, but it's better than a slap in the face.

Nokia 6700 slide

There are keyboard shortcuts for a lot of browsing features such as returning to the home page, saving bookmarks and switching to full-page view. And there are shortcuts for zooming in and out too.

However, the browser is slow and cumbersome to use - given you might be using this phone for a year or two on contract you'll be forced to use and increasingly slower web browser, where your friends are whipping around the internet on all manner of spangly new smartphones.