HTC Wildfire review

The low-cost version of the HTC Desire arrives

The definitive HTC Wildfire review
The definitive HTC Wildfire review

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HTC's music player is not exactly beautiful. Despite taking some design cues from the iPhone 4's iPod player (Cover Flow-style artwork, anyone?) it doesn't manage to pull it off in such an elegant manner.

HTC wildfire

It ends up being a little clunky to use, although you can swipe through album covers or view them in list mode if you prefer.

HTC wildfire

As always, we're glad of the 3.5mm headphone jack so we can use whatever headphones we fancy; although HTC's in-box effort isn't too bad.

Using Sennheiser in-ear headphones, sound quality wasn't noticeably better or poorer than that of the iPhone or HTC's higher-end Androids, the HTC Desire and HTC Legend.

The built-in speaker is another story though; as with most handsets, it was tinny, shrill and not something we'd be keen to use on a regular basis.

When it comes to video, playback of footage stored on the handset itself is quite a disappointment – although the content may be high res, the screen is not high enough quality to handle it, so you end up with quite a jaggy, pixellated experience.

If you've ever used a handset with a high-end screen, like the Samsung Wave and its Super-AMOLED display, you'll be aghast at the quality.

HTC wildfire

There's no option to swipe through videos as they play, but the video gallery layout is very simple and you can nip between files in just two or three taps.

HTC wildfire

It's also easy enough to share your own videos via email, media message or using a social networking link; there's no Facebook uploader though which is a shame.

Not many Android handsets come with an onboard FM radio so it's a nice addition to the HTC Wildfire. The headset acts as the aerial so it has to be plugged in to use the radio, but you can then play it through the external phone speaker.

Unfortunately, you can't just use any old headphones to act as aerial. Aside from that it's very straightforward to use, if a little slow to fire up, and can be left running in the background as you use the Wildfire for other things.

HTC wildfire

PJ: The music player is pretty much the same as on the Tattoo; it's quite fast and generally adequate. Nothing special, but it does the job.

DS: I've not got any video files to watch anything on, but I did have a look at the YouTube quality and was impressed, especially over Wi-Fi.

Music was also good – the widget was cool, and though most songs didn't have album art it was relatively easy to browse through.