HTC Titan review

Windows Phone 7.5 Mango with a massive screen and 8MP HD camera

HTC Titan
HTC is the first smartphone brand to launch a Windows Phone 7.5 Mango phone

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HTC titan

The HTC Titan ships with a respectable 1600mAh battery that seems fairly up to the task. Remember this isn't a dual-core smartphone, so for a 1.5GHz processor, 1600mAh should see you through a day of use, which is what we managed.

HTC claims you'll get 410 minutes of talk time on WCDMA or 710mins on GSM, and 460 hours of standby on WCDMA or 360 minutes on GSM. But battery life is always dependent on so many factors including where you are, signal strength and so on.

We took the HTC Titan off charge at 7am and spent about an hour browsing Twitter and playing with settings. We then took it with us on a run for almost two hours, while we used the excellent RunKeeper software to monitor our progress.

Throughout the day, we browsed the internet for about an hour, sent about 15 emails and a handful of texts and made two phone calls - each about 10 minutes long. By the time we went to bed at 10pm, it was still going but only had a bit of juice left. The next day, we barely touched it and it lost hardly any power.

HTC titan

All of the usual suspects are on board connectivity-wise: Wi-Fi, Bluetooth (which we seemed to be unable to use to send or receive files, bizarrely - another leaf out of Apple's book) and GPS. DLNA is catered for as it is on most handsets these days, but there is no NFC chip. We'll not rue that too much since NFC hasn't really caught on yet.

3G works well and internet pages loaded quickly with no fuss - we'll put that down to Internet Explorer, since Microsoft claims it is wonderful - and Wi-Fi boosted those speeds even more. GPS was fine and got a lock reasonably quickly. It wasn't so quick that we were bowled over, nor was it so slow that we got grumpy.