HTC One V review

A 5MP camera-toting Android 4.0-powered smartphone we can afford

A bright 3.7-inch screen is a highlight of this Android 4.0 smartphone

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While the video recording capabilities of the HTC One V are nothing to be sniffed at, the handset fails to hit the lofty heights of some, with light management and zoom options just two aspects that fall slightly below expectations.

Featuring the now seemingly prerequisite smartphone standard 720p HD video recording, the HTC One V falls slightly short of backing up its largely impressive camera offering, with a selection of video capabilities that are distinctly run of the mill.

HTC One V review

Struggling to offer a smooth transition when moving the camera through varying light conditions, instead providing chopping and drastic switches between under and over exposed contrasts, the HTC One V's video abilities are further let down by the inbuilt digital zoom.

Far from the desired smooth flowing gradual transition required for strong quality video creation, the HTC One V's digital zoom offers up blocks of ever nearing and increasingly distorted images that move in a stilted set of transitions that fail to inspire any future use of the zooming functionality.