HTC One V review

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A bright 3.7-inch screen is a highlight of this Android 4.0 smartphone

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Thanks to the handset's Android operating system, the HTC One V comes pre-installed with a hearty array of applications - the majority of them noticeably of the Google ilk - such as the Google-branded Places, Gmail, YouTube and Google+.

HTC One V review

Thanks once again to its Android branded innards, the One V plays host to Google's much loved and ever present Google Maps software with free to utilize navigation options landing to get you from A to B.

Whilst not the quickest handset on the market to lock on to GPS signals, once connected the Google filled device continues to impress with simple to follow route and accurate location details.

Far from limited to Google-owned and branded apps, however, the HTC handset sports the more popular app-based services as standard, with the likes of Facebook and Twitter featuring from the box to fulfill the likely needs of consumers and remove any fuss around getting the device fully attuned to your wants and needs.

With an expansive array of app-based content available to download via the newly named Google Play Store, formerly the Android Market, HTC One V owners are presented with a hearty array of tools, games, ebooks and utilities, both free and paid for, that can rival the formerly dominant iOS App Store.

HTC One V review

Again with the many plus points let down by a few small niggling irritations, the HTC One V's Android-based app services and features are not without fault.

A few apps cause an unnecessary fuss if left to their own devices when the handset falls into sleep mode following a period of inactivity.

A prime example of this is the much loved and free to download game Temple Run.

While running smoothly, if a little sluggish at the start, during the game if left open with the handset not being used, waking the phone from its sleep mode will see users greeted with a combination of blank screen issues, freezing and a stilted recovery that can take a prolonged and infuriating period of time.