HTC One S review

A top of the range cameraphone with an emphasis on pictures, music and connectivity. Is the One S the One to have?

HTC One S review
The definitive HTC One S review

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We're massive fans of one of the new features which means that you can actually take a photo whilst shooting a video of the same thing. It's such a basic idea. Such an obvious element. Yet we've never seen it anywhere before.

HTC One S review

And now we have it, we don't know how we'll do without it when HTC makes us give them the One S back!

The video camera can shoot up to full HD resolution of 1920 x 1080 but it's set to QHD (960x540) by default - although 30 frames per second is consistent throughout for very smooth vids.

You get a ton of options in there to change from stabilisation to video recording and, despite our moans in the previous section about the Dropbox integration with music, it works to your advantage here with the option to upload your videos (and photos) automatically when on Wi-Fi so they're always safe.

Watching videos back on the screen is an awesome experience. They look amazing. Sadly, watching them back on a computer screen wasn't nearly as breathtaking.

They're not bad by any stretch but there's just no wow factor. However, despite all the bells and whistles, this is a phone camera so we'll not be too harsh.