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Choiix Power Fort review

The Power Fort battery pack keeps you juiced up

Choiix Power Fort
If you need to charge your gadgets when on the go, then this battery pack should suit you well - just make sure you have the right cable

Our Verdict

A great option for those looking to keep an extra battery for a number of devices


  • Good capacity
  • Connections
  • Built-in torch


  • No interchangeable adapters

From mobile phones and MP3 players to Bluetooth headsets and handheld consoles, the number of portable devices we need to power has rocketed in recent years. The Power Fort Rechargeable Power Backup Battery Pack is a little bigger than a deck of cards and weighs in at 102g.

Plug it into the mains to charge up its battery, and it can then be used on the move to charge other devices while away from other sources of power.

The Advance version of the battery pack comes complete with four AC adaptors that can be clipped into the USB charger – helping to reduce the number of cables that have to be packed on foreign trips. There's also a cigarette lighter adaptor for in-car charging via a USB cable.

The car and wall chargers are not included with the standard version of the battery pack, but the battery can also be charged by connecting it to a computer's USB port.

Shine a light

Once fully powered, a USB or mini-USB cable can be used to charge a wide range of devices.

The level of the battery can be checked with a single press of the case button, while a double press fires up the LED torch on the underside. The torch is of questionable value, but it's there if you ever need it.

The supplied USB and mini-USB cables allow a number of different devices to be charged, but it would have been good to see interchangeable adaptors.

If you want to charge something that uses a non-standard connection, like an iPhone, you'll need to take your own device-specific USB cable with you. If you have several such devices, this could mean a tangle of cables.

The capacity of the battery means that larger devices such as PDAs and sat-navs can be charged at least once, while less demanding MP3 players can be charged several times over before the Power Fort needs recharging itself. It does its simple job in style, making it a useful addition to any laptop bag.

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