iPad 2 review

Apple's new tablet is the best of its kind, but is it really good enough?

ipad 2 review
The Apple iPad 2 is not quite the step forward that many were expecting

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Once again featuring the standard iOS device offering that is indistinguishable from the new iPad, the Apple iPad 2's internet browser is the mobile rendition of the company's popular Safari offering with a friendly user experience further enhanced by tabbed browsing options that enables up to nine web pages open at once and a simple and intuitive bookmarking system.

iPad 2 review

Living up to the age old controversial Apple omission the tablet's web browser lines up one considerable step behind its higher end Android rivals with a lack of Flash abilities resulting in a vast array of interactive content and digital media being unavailable to all users.

While a number of companies have buckled to the power of the iPhone and iPad user base and made their sites and apps HTML 5 compatible, this does not detract from the number of times iPad users will come across desired content they will be infuriatingly unable to view without switching to another device.

iPad 2 review

By far one of the most enticing aspects of the whole iPad infrastructure is Apple's impeccable App Store offering that has once again laid the foundations for competitors to follow.

iPad 2 review

While Android might now be beginning to push iOS in terms of sheer number of available applications, the iPad servicing system is uniformed and intricately tailored to the single device's screen size helping to ensure that all content that is made available works perfectly with user's desired tablet and removes the potential for undersized or over stretched apps.

On the gaming front the extensive, and easy to locate and navigate sections of the Apple iTunes App Store provide users with a broad array of gaming based entertainment options from the quick hit app based sensations such as Angry Birds Space and Draw Something to the more graphically impressive and console-esque offerings such as Real Racing 2.

Thanks to the inbuilt accelerometer and gyroscope the iPad 2, like its preceding and replacement counterparts, offers gaming-centric users a wide array of input methods to further enhance their tablet based gaming experiences and help combat the otherwise infuriating restriction of onscreen digital button controls that feature in a number of downloads.