Sony's platform badly underperforms when it comes to social networking. There's no Twitter, Facebook, Flickr or eBay – but crucially all are promised shortly.'s quirky videos – some in HD – are mildly diverting, though the rest of the widgets are instantly forgettable; FordModels involves models showing us their photographs, gives tips on everything (How To Maximize Your Internship and Pick Up a Girl at the Beach are typical), ON Networks offers HD videos of US tourist sites, gives online lessons, does fitness videos, Singing Fool plays new music videos from hip-hop to New Country, and Tagesschau and Deutsche Welle both offer German news.

Sony bravia internet video xmb

All very foreign, but there are some nifty audio widgets, the highlight of which is a National Public Radio (NPR) widget. This US radio station represents the very best of US media content and streams both serious, light-hearted and educational broadcasts and podcasts across politics, economics, technology, history, business and world affairs.

That includes its own How We Got Here (world affairs with historical background and context) and The World In Words (in one episode America quite rightly wonders why Brits insist that the rest of the world uses its own cliché-ridden terminology for 'the beautiful game') alongside the BBC World Service's World Have Your Say podcast. There are thousands of hours listening here, and it's mostly top-notch journalism.